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Your Adventure

THANK YOU for submitting your initial self-evaluation and adventure registration form.  

We encourage you to read this guide thoroughly and hope you will do your best to follow the training schedules as closely as possible. By doing so, your adventure will be rewarding and safe. As you go through your training it is important that you stay connected to iConquer with any challenges you may be experiencing. We are here with decades of experience, ready to assist. 


This guide was written and designed to be a starting point for you in preparation for your adventure with iConquer. Our goal is to meet the needs of beginner hikers as well as seasoned trekkers and runners.


  • If you are NEW and just getting started with hiking, great! We love to answer your questions. Email us at


  • If you are a well-conditioned athlete looking for a new challenge, welcome! We think you will find this adventure exciting and rewarding!


Our team will try adjusting your hike and adventure to meet your interests, fitness levels, and abilities.



NOTE: If you have not completed the initial self-evaluation survey, please click here.

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