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iConquer Adventure Grand Canyon

Training Registration Form




Congratulations on choosing to iConquer - Grand Canyon. You have begun a journey that will be physically challenging, rewarding, and FUN!


Welcome to this private website for iConquer and Save One Life - Grand Canyon hiking participants. Please complete the registration and self-evaluation form below. Please complete ALL fields. Once you click "submit," you will automatically be redirected to the online training guide. It provides general information about preparing you for any hike you may do. That includes your training hikes at home and the trail(s) we will utilize at Grand Canyon. 




Please complete this form based on your self-evaluation of how you feel NOW, not where you plan to be in the future. There is a section near the bottom of the form for you to send us your questions and comments. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have successfully submitted your form and that we have received it.


Please complete this form carefully so we can coordinate with you, the Save One Life Staff, and our trail assignment committee. We are working together to ensure you have a safe, fulfilling, and fun adventure.



Registration and Self-Evaluation Form

One form must be completed and submitted by each hiker.
        *Are required. Please complete all applicable fields of this form.

iConquer - Grand Canyon - 2023
Official Training and Adventure Registration Form

Please complete each field as required. You will receive a confirming email that we have received your form. Upon completion and acceptance you will automatically be redirected to the training pages and schedule. Regardless of your fitness level or hiking experience please read the information on this site carefully. It will help keep you safe throughout your training and will maximize your experience while at Grand Canyon.

About half way through your training, we'll send you a short form so you can update us on your progress. At that time we will also ask that you provide us with your meal preferences, roommate name, etc. so we can arrange your accommodations. 


Just prior to competing your training we'll reach out one more time to see how it went, and you can make your final trail selections for Grand Canyon. At that time we will also provide you with a final Know Before You Go with the final details and emergency contact information.

At the end of the training guide is our training Text Message number where you can ask questions and get answers.

Your information is confidential and will only be shared with the ground operations and guides that you'll be hiking with so that we can plan accordingly. 

Please Check ONLY Those That Apply To You.

Have you HIKED Grand Canyon before?
Have you HIKED a trail with more than a 1000' of elevation change?
Have you HIKED at an elevation of 5000' or higher?
How Fit Are YOU?
I Regularly (check all that apply):
How Often Do You Exercise?
Do you have challenges with:
What Is The Most Important Aspect of Your Adventure?

Tell us anything you would like us to know...

Thank you for completing your initial registration. We expect changes and will update your information as you progress. 

Once again, welcome to Grand Canyon.

The iConquer Team

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