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Conquer the Canyon?


Conquer the Canyon (CTC) is a Team fundraising program to help raise money and awareness towards your mission by training and completing a hike adventure.  Unlike traditional endurance charity programs, CTC is a non-competitive adventure in one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon.  Non-profits of all sizes can benefit with a once in a lifetime experience that will have your participants coming back year after year. 


Conquer the Canyon provides a full-scale (multi-night) weekend experience that includes a one day guided hike in the Grand Canyon for all levels of ability from casual walkers to seasoned hikers.  CTC will provide a program including a 8-12-week online training guide, fundraising tools, transportation to/from Phoenix, lodging, meals, and professional guides for the Grand Canyon hike.


How does your organization benefit from Conquer the Canyon (CTC)?

  • The ability to offer a unique and unforgettable opportunity for your supporters.

  • Experienced and proven and successful fundraising program.

  • Brand awareness for your mission.

  • A unique and different opportunity for your constituents.

  • Assistance with travel logistics and complete, VIP on-site treatment during your hike adventure.


What are the Benefits to your Hiker Participant?

  • 8-12-week online training hike program.

  • Fundraising tool kit and support from CTC.

  • Expert guides in The Grand Canyon.

  • Expense paid 4-day/3-night trip to The Grand Canyon including transportation, lodging and most meals.

  • Breathtaking hike with your team members on trails of choice based on team’s ability and interest.


Create your 6-Pack


Conquer the Canyon (CTC) operates on a six-person team format, known as the 6-Pack.  Your 6-Pack will be made up of one leader hiker and 5 additional hikers.  Your organization can have 1 or more 6-Packs on one trip, the more the merrier.

What are the expectations of the hiker participants?


Hiker participants commit to the following:

  • Support the mission and brand awareness for your mission.

  • Fundraise a specified minimum amount of money through donations.

  • Physically prepare for a 1 day guided hike in The Grand Canyon.

  • Have FUN!  We take having FUN as a critical success factor.  Seriously.

How much does my organization give to Conquer the Canyon?


We'll work with you to build the exact program that will benefit your organization the most. We'll give you a fixed price so you can manage your costs in direct relationship to your fundraising price point.

How does my organization raise money with this program?


We recommend each hiker participant commits to raising a minimum of $3,200 - $4000 for your mission. 



What is the fundraising potential per team of 6?


The sky’s the limit.  Total fundraising potential varies by the organization by either increasing the suggested minimum and/or encouraging hikers to go above and beyond with fundraising efforts. 

Is the campaign scaleable?

YES! Start with a 6 Pack. Up to 600 in a season! 


Why is the 6-Pack important?


Conquer the Canyon (CTC) operates under strict National Park guidelines with a leave no trace philosophy.  For safety reasons in the Canyon, each group of 6 is led by a professional guide who is trained in CPR, Wilderness First Response and EMT.  We want your participants happy and healthy!


Can a Non-Profit have multiple “6 Pack” Teams?


Heck Yea!  With this 6 Pack formula, non-profits of any size can participate making fundraising manageable. Each team of 6 has a leader who supports their individual team with fundraising and training support.

What Trails will we be hiking on?


We have a combination of 3 unique programs to choose from based on budget, logistical considerations and the size of your teams. We utilize trails that allow for mobile chair access along the rim, to corridor trails that are perfect for the more casual hiker to some of the most challenging and physically demanding trails into and out of Grand Canyon.


CLICK HERE For Descriptions of the Grand Canyon Trails We Use.

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