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iConquer is an awareness creating and fundraising campaign created specifically for non-profit organizations. It is ONLY available to people who actively participate in a fundraising program for a bona fide U.S. or Canadian non-profit. It is NOT open to the general public.

iConquer is a team adventure where participants agree to raise funds for your organization (wherever they live) in exchange for a comprehensive physical training program that culminates with an amazing expense paid guided hiking adventure to some of the world's most iconic landmarks and popular bucket list destinations - The Grand Canyon, Mount Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Iceland just to name a few!

iConquer provides curated and challenging experiences in environments and on trails that are safe, where risk is managed and every participant gets to define and self-determine what their level of adventure is to them. With iConquer, there is something for everyone.

Can iConquer work for your organization?


YES! Most likely, it can, but there is only one way to know for sure. Just 10 minutes on the phone with one of our founders. You call us at your convenience: 800-295-WALK. Or, contact us for more information. 

About Us
How It Works

We keep it very straight forward.


We make your mission, our mission.


iConquer provides participant hikers (your team) with an online 8 -12 week safety training, physical preparation-training schedule, hiking skills and development program to prepare them for and active walking and hiking adventure. Each of our destination comes with its own training program. They include instructions on equipment and gear, nutrition, hydration, and hiking in the local environment.


In return for this programming, each participant raises money (on a local level) in support of your organization’s mission. After successfully completing their training, preparedness and fundraising program, hikers are rewarded with a multiday and night guided adventure at one of the most exotic and exciting destinations in the world.  


We provide your staff with the information they can use to recruit participants onto your team. We'll assist with participant retention through our online training program and guide and offer informational webinars about the entire adventure to keep people excited, working and raising funds for your mission. Our front end support of your staff makes them expert leaders of the program and our back-end support handles the logistics so you can focus on recruiting and supporting your fundraisers. We handle every logistic from the moment your team arrives at the destination to the moment they leave. 100% of all funds go directly to your organization.


The Front End:


  • Provides you with the information you need to conduct local and online promotional informational meetings to recruit team members. 

  • Provides marketing experience, verbiage, and images to help you create customized campaign videos, webinars, ads and brochures.

  • Operate and support an interactive Internet presence, social media and e-mail newsletter for your participants and staff.

  • Provides you with the support of a dedicated iConquer staff member that you can directly communicate to get any help you need quickly and efficiently.  


The Back End:


  • Pre-adventure: Provides the logistics for your team prior to visiting the destination. ach hiker participant is provided with comprehensive information specifically about the hikes we will utilize at the beginning of the program so that they can prepare accordingly. We then survey each hiker to help evaluate their preparedness and then help them select the trail best suited to their goals, abilities and interests.


  • On-site: Upon arrival, we'll transport each member from the airport to our host hotel. We provide hosted luxury transportation throughout their stay. Hotel/Lodge accommodations, walks, hikes, park entry and most meals are included. At the Canyon, we help divide your team into small groups of 6-8 of like-minded hikers. Each small group is lead by an experienced Walking Connection Grand Canyon guide who is a Wilderness First Responder, CPR and First Aid certified.


  • Safety, Risk Management and Emergency Response:  iConquer conducts all programs under its its internal system of guide certifications, trail research and onsite inspection, careful planning and flawless execution.  We often operate under special use and commercial permits granted by local parks and governments. iConquer has completed a comprehensive Risk Management and Emergency Medical Response system in conjunction with each destination. We have an impeccable safety record that has taken thousands of people into, out of and around Grand Canyon and our other fantastic destinations without a serious mishap or injury. We carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy which can name your organization as an additional insured. 



  • Designate a team leader to set up and operate the campaign within your organization.

  • Recruit fundraisers and support their efforts.



  • Does everything else.



How It Works

We Make It Our Business To Do Good For Others

Guest Comments

"Everyone from Walking Connection was so gracious and giving. The views, the knowledge of guides & the group experience was amazing."


Kelly G.


​...And we look forward to sharing them with you. But we know your time is valuable and we don't want to waste a second of it. So here are a few more bullet point FAQ's that may help you decide to contact us to discuss putting iConquer to work for you!


Why would someone sign up for iConquer?


Because they can do something good for themselves like getting in shape, participating on a TEAM of other

like-minded people and at the same time, earn a reward that is the trip of a lifetime to a fantastic bucket list

destination. While they are supporting your team, they are telling your story to everyone they know.


Ultimately, they sign up for the same reasons they participate in a golf tourney, casino night, 5k fun walk

or gala ball - YOU and YOUR MISSION.

What are the staffing requirements for me?


One staff member or volunteer as your campaign leader and hike team leader. We can help train this person to coordinate and lead your team, coordinate between your organization and us and to manage and account for the fundraising.


When does my organization start receiving funds?

From the moment you sign up team members.


Is iConquer scalable?

Absolutely! iConquer adventures are fully scalable from 6 to 120 participants at Grand Canyon. We also offer a variety of other bucket list destinations around the world to keep bringing your team members back, year after year.


When does my iConquer adventure start?

Fundraising starts the minute your team is signed up. Training for most adventures begins 8-10 weeks prior to the hike date.

How do I get all the details?

Complete and submit the contact form. We'll contact you additional information. If you would like to talk to someone right away, call us at 800-295-WALK (9255) or e-mail Gene Taylor. A member of our staff will contact via your preferred method. Their is no obligation, just information.


100% of the funds raised goes directly to your organization. Once your team has fully met their fundraising goal, they are rewarded with an AWESOME multi-night adventure to a dream destination. Your organization benefits by the awareness created and funds raised.

Results - Success in Fundraising

Team Diabetes (Canadian Diabetes Association) has participated in 12 iConquer adventures and has raised more than $1,000,000 since 2009. They continue this in 2016 with Conquer The Mountain - Wicklow Mountains, Ireland and in 2017, Path of the Gods, Amalfi Coast, Italy. 


Shelter Inc. of Contra Costa County raised over $320,000 hosting two iConquer adventures. The typical participant raised just over $4700, in increments averaging $97 per donation. They doubled their database by adding nearly 2000 active donors. 67% of the funds were raised on-line.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Hike For Discovery program raised $240,000 their first year, $9,000,000 in year 2. They have since utilized our model to raise in excess of $20,000,000.


Cancer Research Institute raised $60,000 with two adventures and one "super fundraiser" raised in excess of $36,000 in one year.


All told, hikers have raised more than $23,000,000 for their related missions and causes.

A.I.M. - Autism Initiative At Mercyhurst University - Since 2015 has utilized iConquer for student programming adventures at Grand Canyon (3) and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


Other Participating Teams


Success In Awareness & Participant Satisfaction


Meet Your Guides

Expert guides from across the globe.

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