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Team Diabetes/iConquer Edinburgh Adventure
Scotland | May 24 - 29, 2019

iConquer Adventures



Hike Scotland
With Us!
Edinburgh, Scotland - May 24 - 29, 2019!

From beginning to end, your journey is measured not in miles, but milestones. On this hike, the top milestone is Edinburgh itself. That is where our hike ends and our urban trek begins! It's harder than you think! 


We Are Working on the Perfect Hike Just For Team D! 


Gene and Jo Ann Taylor are working on a fantastic Hike Day Adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland. Though Edinburgh is mostly flat, we are developing a fantastic hike that will test you physically, challenge your endurance and training! Come hike this amazingly green country with iConquer, The Walking Connection, and Team Diabetes.  This is a fantastic hike in the Edinburgh region of Scotland that explores the beautiful rolling hills of the Scottish countryside to the bustling city streets of Edinburgh - This will be an adventure hike and urban trek!


This is a full day adventure in one of Edinburgh region's most beautiful places. As with all Team Diabetes and iConquer hiking adventures, there is a walk or hike for everybody!



Here is what you can expect from Team Diabetes & iConquer


·            Great People. The Executive & Staff teams at BOTH Team Diabetes and iConquer are personally involved in your success, every step of the way.


·         Team Diabetes makes fundraising easy and exciting!  From your own web page to the helpful staff and fundraising guidance from Team Diabetes, your fundraising will be rewarding and successful. 


·         An unforgettable experience. You will work hard to prepare yourself for this incredible journey and while you experience Scotland, you will know you are making a difference in the lives of those who are deeply affected by the challenges life has presented to them.


iConquer and The Walking Connection have successfully led thousands of hikers at some of the world's most exciting destinations  - SAFELY! As part of Team Diabetes, you'll receive a comprehensive online training program and schedule, newsletters and information that will fully prepare you for the rigors of your iConquer Edinburgh, Scotland hiking adventure.



What You Can Expect By Filling Out The Form Below. 


After filling out the form below, one of the Team Diabetes specialists will contact you to answer any questions you may have. While we would appreciate your participation, there is no obligation or pressure to join. 


Through email we will keep you informed of upcoming adventures and exciting news about Team Diabetes and iConquer adventures and their impact on the lives of the community we support. As with all emails, you can access additional information on any topic covered and, you can easily unsubscribe by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Your privacy is important to us and you can be assured that your information will not be knowingly disclosed to any third party for any reason. Here is our short and easy to understand privacy policy.


NOW is the time to Conquer The Mountain. You can join a team of like-minded people, support others who need your help, and experience Scotland in a way few others ever have -- with a fun team of friends, a professional hiking and interpretive guide leading the way, one step at a time.


The iConquer series operated by iConquer and The Walking Connection. We are proud to celebrate our 10th year of fantastic adventures with Team Diabetes Canada.  Together you will participate in a comprehensive adventure itinerary filled with just about everything you need to enjoy a fun, safe and memorable experience. Your guides and hosts will see to it.


There are always more details available and we'd love to share them with you.  Simply complete this short form below and a Team Leader from Team Diabetes will contact you with more details. There is NO Obligation, just information.

This is Scotland!

This Is What Friends Are For!

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