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December 8 - 11

Support Camp D Honolulu Hiking Adventure.

Hike the rainforests of Oahu with the locals. 

For the 12th consecutive year, iConquer is host to an exclusive adventure for Team Diabetes and Diabetes Canada.


iConquer - Hike Honolulu is a spectacular one day hike that will offer Team Diabetes members an amazing challenge that is off the beaten track. The island of Oahu, Hawaii offers  dramatic and unique landscapes and a hiking experience you will not soon forget! The Honolulu Mauka Trail System is perfect for us!


Whether this is your first hike or you're a seasoned outdoors adventurer, our selection of trails in this system provide amazing walking and hiking possibilities with just the right amount of physical challenge for you. How do we know which trail is right for you? You choose from three trails. We'll help you every step of the way!

All of the trails we utilize are part of the Hawaii Mauka Trail System and are some of the best maintained trails on Oahu. This interlocking system consists of a number of trails - each representing a new and interesting element of nature. If you train properly and prepare yourself for the challenging rigors of steep mountain terrain, our longest trail is a remote 6-mile point-to-point hike that ends at Manoa Falls. This path is a well-known local favorite that mostly escapes the weekend warrior tourist foot traffic. The trail will take us through forest and jungles (used as locations for the movies Jurassic Park and Lost) high on the ridge towards Tantalus and down to the popular Manoa Falls. There are beautiful views all along the way.

Trail Descriptions


For the more Advanced Group a very remote hike that takes us through the Jungle, and Forests of the Island that  will lead us to the same water fall, but from a significantly longer approach of around 8 miles. The hike starts at


The system consists of the Kaneaole Trail (full of indigenous plants), the Makiki Loop Trail (full of Hawaiian trees with vines and rocky paths), the Moleka Trail (with a beautiful corridor of bamboo), the Manoa Cliff Trail (with a cool and dark forest and patches of strawberry bamboo). Avoid this trail during winter. Do not miss to take a view of the beautiful Mania Cliff from the elevated bench here.), the Puu Ohia Trail and the Kakawahine Trail (with a protected snail habitat.)


Do you prefer a less demanding trail?" If a shorter and less demanding hike is better suited to you and your family, join Team Diabetes and hike the Manoa Falls trail. It's popular with tourists and locals for a reason, it's a fantastic hike. The 150-foot (46 m) waterfall awaits after slowly hiking up an easy to moderate mountain slope.   The waterfall size and ferocity is dependent on the amount of rain that falls on the island. The water cascades down from the mountain into a small pool. This trail is suitable for most active people.

The entire trail is about 1.6 miles (2.6 km) out and back. It can be slippery if it is raining, so a sturdy foot and situational awareness is very important. It rains more often here than in Waikiki and along the coastline. The trail is in a rainforest, so even if it's dry and sunny in Waikiki, it often times is raining here. 

As with all iConquer - Team Diabetes hikes, team members will be grouped according to abilities and lead by experienced, certified hiking guides to ensure your safety and enjoyment while on the trail. Note that the weather in Hawaii and the island of Oahu can change quickly and dramatically. Sometimes that weather can happen in the mountains or another part of the island that you can't see, yet it can effect our hike and trail selection.

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Trails Within The Hawaii Mauka Trail System
(Please note that our longest and most challenging hike is within this system,

but is a remote trail not marked on any public document.) 

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