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This is "The Chimney" at the top of So. Kaibab Trail - Going Down is Optional. Hiking Up is Mandatory!

8. Adventure Guidelines


Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. You are embarking on an adventure that will have a special purpose for you... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


As you prepare for your adventure, here are a few important things that you can do to maximize the experience for yourself and those around you. We invite you to use the same principles we will discuss while training at home.


The trails we have selected and hikes we host are not designed for risk-taking, daredevil extreme athletes bent on setting personal records by seeing how fast or far they can go. Rather, they are an opportunity for you to experience a destination, learn its history, meet its people, experience its culture, absorb its power, and experience its timelessness. Most importantly, you will celebrate with pride your personal accomplishments of training and preparing yourself to experience everything that the non-profit organization that brought you here has to offer. You will know that your true success lies in the completion of the entire program and raising funds to help support their mission. You have worked hard to make someone else's life better in many ways. CONGRATULATIONS!


With all iConquer and Conquer The Canyon hikes: There Is Something For Everyone!


Many of you may be seasoned hikers, ready for the rigors of the most difficult parts of the trail. Some of you may be "weekend warriors" and the trail will be daunting. Still, others may be brand new to hiking. Regardless of your past experience or current fitness level, the trails you will be hiking will present physical and emotional challenges that should meet and exceed your expectations.


We know that even if you have been diligent in your training and preparation, success can mean different things to different people. Throughout your training and on Hike Day, we will be there to go over the options to make sure you have a challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling adventure. Regardless of distance or difficulty, our hikes are interpretive in nature and are fully guided. We will make ample time for taking pictures and enjoying an interpretive experience at a pace that is comfortable for the entire team.


iConquer WELCOMES each and every hiking participant. Together we will form a team where each of you will help each other, form new friendships and share in the mutual accomplishment of conquering Grand Canyon in your own personal way.


To make your team's experience the best it can possibly be, we have established a short list of guidelines to follow while training on your local trails and while on the Hike Day trails. We thank you in advance for your attention and compliance to these details.


Our Adventures On The Trail.


As a team member, you will want to join your fellow participants and our guides in becoming "stewards" of the trail. The areas where we are hiking are some of the greatest natural and historical wonders of the world. It is up to all of us to protect and respect them. We must become benefactors of these places and our personal legacy must be to leave them better than we found them! Please, take only pictures and fond memories. Leave only footprints!


This is a coordinated and managed team adventure. We can assure you that going with the flow as led by your guides will make your experience the best and safest it can be. Bring your sense of adventure with you, leave any "hurry up" attitude behind.


While on the trails:

No Boots, no hike!  -- No Excuses! No Exceptions! 


Your iConquer Adventure and Walking Connection Trained Professional Grand Canyon Guides.


Our Grand Canyon guides are simply the best guides available at Grand Canyon. They have many years of specialized training specific to Grand Canyon and work closely with The Walking Connection, our Guide Leadership Program and The Grand Canyon Field Institute to provide you with the best adventure possible. They are all Wilderness First Responders certified in first aid and CPR. While on the trail, they have the final word in EVERYTHING! They are the absolute "captain of the ship," and operate under very strict risk management protocols, emergency response practices and national park rules and regulations. When you agree to hike with them, you are agreeing to hike as a team and abide by their rules and judgment. By the way, they are also informative, creative and a ton of fun to hike with!


While on the trail, you will cross paths with other hikers. Some from our adventure, others on adventures of their own. They are on the trails to enjoy the trail in their own personal way. Most are there for the grandeur, peacefulness and serenity.

Please be mindful and respectful of this.


Trail facilities - Depending upon the trail you hike, there may or may not be toilet facilities on the trail -- which is another reason for small teams. On BA and SKT there are toilets strategically located on the trail. For all others, toilet facilities are not available. Please find a place off the trail and DO NOT leave any paperwork behind! Small animals will find them and it can spread disease. Bring a zip lock bag and take everything with you.


Trash In/Trash Out - Take what you need in, take everything (including personal papers) OUT! -- A small zip lock bag is very handy for this. NO ONE is going to clean up after you! As stewards of this magnificent place, our goal is to leave it better

than we found it. If you see a piece of trash, please pick it up and take it out with you.                


Terminus Points - iConquer and Conquer The Canyon have established firm hike duration and terminus points or destinations on each trail we utilize. Our guides will not exceed these points for any person for any reason. Please do not even ask. When you agree to hike with iConquer and Conquer The Canyon, you are agreeing to abide by these established rules and terminus points.                

Stay on the Trail!  - DO NOT cut across or shortcut switchbacks. It is dangerous, disruptive and destructive to the landscape.


Uphill has the right of way. Hikers going uphill have the right of way. They are working harder! You'll appreciate this when it is YOU!

 Water/hydration drink requirement:

2-3 liters of water/electrolyte fluids. 

No water, no hike!

No excuses! No exceptions!


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