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Team Hope For The Warriors® 

Grand Canyon Hike & Adventure

October 25 - 28, 2018

If hiking Grand Canyon was easy, EVERYONE would do it. But they don't! Less than 1% of visitors ever set foot on a trail below the rim. Why? Because there are no easy trails into or out of Grand Canyon.

Why should you Conquer The Canyon?


  • Because it's a personal challenge and rewarding achievement .

  • Because you will succeed at doing what other won't even attempt.

  • Because reaching behind to help others while you look forward is just who you are. It's in your DNA.   


To venture beyond the rim into the depths of the Canyon is to get a true understanding of it's immense scale and your personal connection to the power of nature itself.  H4W & Conquer The Canyon - Grand Canyon Hike & Adventure provides you with the opportunity to experience both. At the same time, you will help support the H4W mission of restoring the sense of self and family to veteran's who are returning home. 

Here is what H4W Conquer The Canyon can do for you.


  • Provide exclusive entrée into an exclusive Grand Canyon Adventure unlike anything else on Earth.

  • Help prepare and train you for the rigors of an outdoor adventure in and out of Grand Canyon.

  • Expand your social circles and provide you the opportunity to become part of a community and team.

  • Empower you to succeed. You'll complete an adventure most people would never even start.


Here is what you can do for H4W service member clients.


  • Help restore hope and save lives by fundraising as you train.

  • Help build a community that embraces the warrior athlete, supporting their rehabilitation and mental health.

  • Provide the support of Hope For The Warriors to the veterans and families who need it most.


You've got lots of questions - hear answers from people like you.

Share the power of Grand Canyon.


From beginning to end, your journey is measured not in miles, but milestones.


As popular as visiting Grand Canyon is, hiking it's trails is rare. More than 5.2 million visitors

a year visit the canyon yet less than 1% set foot on any trail below the rim. Fewer still hike more

than a mile into the canyon and still fewer ever do so with an experienced Grand Canyon expert

Guide. Grand Canyon is a complex geological landmark that is rich in both human and natural

history. Hikers with H4W CTC not only learn both, but get to the experience first hand knowledge,

sights and experiences that most never will.


There are NO easy trails into or out of Grand Canyon and it is one of the most hostile

natural environments on Earth. From the rim at 7000’ to the inner depths of the canyon, 

temperatures can vary more than 50% with humidity readings as low as 7%. The combination

can be hazardess unless participants are fully prepared and trained to stand the rigors of the

hike. H4W CTC created and provides the only full online training program that ensures that

hikers have the most challenging, rewarding and safe adventure possible, regardless of physical


Here is what you can expect from H4W Conquer The Canyon Hike & Adventure.


  • Great People. The Executive & Staff teams at BOTH H4W and Conquer The Canyon are

      personally involved in your success. Every step of the way.

  • H4W makes fundraising easy and exciting!  From your own web page to the helpful staff

      and fundraising guidance from Hope For The Warriors, your fundraising will be rewarding and

      successful. They'll help you configure a personal online fundraising campaign. 

  • Expert Training and Preparation. Conquer The Canyon and The Walking Connection have created a program that has successfully led thousands of hikers into, out of and around Grand Canyon - SAFELY! As part of Team Hope For The Warriors you'll receive a comprehensive online training program and schedule, newsletters and information that will fully prepare you for the rigors of hiking Grand Canyon and your entire adventure.

  • An Amazing Arizona & Grand Canyon Mission Celebration Adventure. Your custom Arizona adventure itinerary includes guided walks and hikes led by expert Grand Canyon hosts and guides, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, , most meals, pre-and post-hike activities, and much more.

  • An unforgettable experience. You will work hard to prepare yourself for this incredible journey and while you experience Arizona, you will know you are making a difference in the lives of those who are deeply affected by the challenges life has presented to them.


Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable and important adventure destinations in the world. In conjunction with our partner, Hope For The Warriors, Conquer The Canyon provides a comprehensive adventure itinerary filled with just about everything you need to enjoy a fun, safe and memorable experience. Our expert Grand Canyon guides and hosts will see to it.

Itinerary At A Glance (October 25 - 28,  2018) Itinerary Subject To Change. 


Oct. 25 – Arrive Sky Harbor – Phoenix, AZ – Overnight Phoenix

Oct. 26 – Transfer Grand Canyon via Sedona – Overnight Grand Canyon

Oct. 27 – Hike Day – Overnight Grand Canyon

Oct. 28 – Return to Phoenix or 

What You Can Expect By Filling Out The Form Below. 


After filling out the form below, one of the H4W Team For Hope specialists will give you a call within one business day to answer any questions you may have. While we would appreciate your participation, there is no obligation or pressure to join. 


Through email we will keep you informed of upcoming adventures and exciting news about H4W and iConquer adventures and their impact on the lives of the US service members we support. As with all emails, you can access additional information on any topic covered and, you can easily unsubscribe by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Your privacy is important to us and you can be assured that your information will not be knowingly disclosed to any third party for any reason. Here is our short and easy to understand privacy policy.


NOW is the time to Conquer The Canyon. You can join a team of like-minded people, support others who need your help, and experience Grand Canyon in a way few others ever have -- with a fun team of friends, an expert guide leading the way, one step at a time. Simply complete this short form below and a Team Leader from Hope For The Warriors will contact you with more details. There is NO Obligation, just information.

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