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Adventure Solutions

iConquer Adventures
Preliminary Proposal 

Program Descriptions and Destination Report

Prepared for

Cheryl A. Petruk, MBA, B.Mgt. CHRP

Executive Director

Canadian MPN Research Foundation

Submitted By

Gene Taylor, CEO, Business Development
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iConquer Adventures and Walking Connection welcome the opportunity to present our adventure travel program to the Canadian MPN Research Foundation for the season of October 2023.


Safety - We achieved a 100% safety record on all US domestic and International Adventures. Every group was split into teams of no more than 7 hikers per guide, and all guides are Wilderness First Responders (or international equivalent). 

Project Operations - We provide a detailed webpage with pre-event information, including:

  • Mental preparation, Journey30, physical training and schedule, gear acquisition and usage, logistics, final preparation, and detailed itinerary for each guest.

  • Onsite project management from airport arrival to airport departure, including all logistics, transportation, meals, accommodations, hosts, and guides.

  • Management with comprehensive information about every program facet, including detailed management itineraries and support. We integrate the video and media team into the itinerary to ensure minimum impact on the guest experience.

Destination Management - We provide complete destination research, development all facets of the hikes, and safety protocols, and manage all staff.

Accountability - iConquer provides advance details and ongoing reporting of every aspect of each trip. For each adventure, we take pride in setting realistic expectations for all stakeholders. We meet or exceed those expectations. We treat every potential guest, each participant, vendor, employee, and MPN staff with courteous respect and genuine hospitality. We communicate effectively and provide services when promised at the prices quoted. We seek diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices, and we compensate our vendors and employees at or above market rates. We treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return. 

Experience - 35 Years in Adventure Travel geared for consumer direct, non-profit groups, corporate sponsors, and educational organizations. Serviced more than 6000 participants through iConquer Adventures.

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2023 - Canadian MPN Research Foundation


Proposed Destination: For All Hike Training Adventures - Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon is one of the most unique training sites available in North America. This is due to the unique environmental considerations - they are, in every case, EXTREME. It is 7000' of elevation, typically 1000' lower than most people who experience altitude illness, so most people adapt within an hour or so. Humidity readings are typically in the single digits, while temperatures can easily soar to triple digits. There is little or no shade, and though it rarely rains, it can change without notice. In-canyon trails are often steep and shared with mule trains. They offer one of the greatest challenges in hiking, beginning with a steep descent when hikers are at their strongest and steep ascents when hikers are the most tired and depleted. 


This hostile environment presents challenges that hikers must respect, train and prepare for, so the motivation is built into the destination. Our 4-Week training program is geared specifically to accommodate every environmental variable and physical challenge Grand Canyon offers. We offer 4 primary trails, three in-canyon and one on the rim. The in-canyon trails are physically challenging in every respect, while the trail on the rim offers gentle slopes and paved pathways. It is also a suitable option for endurance training due to its 18-24 mile length. The village offers a fantastic gathering place to celebrate the teams. 


Access to Grand Canyon is 4 hours from PHX, and 6 hours from LAS or LAX. Flagstaff Airport offers limited commercial service. 


The venue and its relationship to Phoenix make it an ideal location for quick and relatively inexpensive 4/5-night adventures. Our itineraries can be modified to meet the individual interests, fitness abilities, and service needs of each Team. 

Challenges: Grand Canyon is also rare in that as a world-class destination, hotel accommodations are basic, and the food is barely passable. 

Suggested Itinerary - Date Range: Oct. 10 - November 10, 2023

Trip includes:

  • Comprehensive Planning and operations throughout. 

  • Luxury group transportation - Airport, Grand Canyon, Return.

  • Travel Snacks and meals per itinerary.

  • Hosted Adventure with Interpretive/WFR Safety Guides on all hikes. Pre-hike training (Access to Journey30).

  • All taxes, site entry fees & permits.

Day 1 - Arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Social Gathering, Welcome Dinner (Guests Arrive by 6:30pm.)
Overnight Phoenix - Recommend: Hotel located in No. Phoenix that is close to our Gateway To Grand Canyon. ( 

Day 2 - Depart EARLY! Direct route to Grand Canyon - HIKE DAY 1. Hermit Trail - Grand Canyon - Steep (2000' of elevation change over 2.7 miles. Breakfast, Trail Lunch, Dinner.

Overnight Grand Canyon (Lodge located inside the Park - (Maswik, Yavapai Lodge).

Day 3 - Bright Angel Trail to Havasupi Gardens (Plateau Point) 9-12 Miles, 4100' of elevation change. Breakfast, Trail Lunch, Dinner.

Overnight Grand Canyon (Lodge located inside the Park - (Maswik, Yavapai Lodge).

Day 4 - South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Pt. 6 Miles - 2000' of elevation change. Breakfast, Trail Lunch, Dinner.

Overnight Grand Canyon (Lodge located inside the Park - (Maswik, Yavapai Lodge).

Day 5 - Sunrise at Yavapai Point, visit to Grand Canyon Village (shopping), early afternoon departure to Phoenix.

1% Club Celebration Dinner. (Only 1% of 6,000,000 annual visitors to Grand Canyon ever set foot on any trail). 

Overnight Phoenix


Day 6 - Depart Phoenix.

This adventure can be extended to include more of Northern Arizona and Sedona. 

Includes team transportation from Phoenix to Grand Canyon, return, driver, iConquer host, WFR certified trail guides (1 guide for each team of 6), hotel accommodations, meals as indicated, travel and trail snacks, pre-event training, and on-site management. NOTE: We typically gift participants hiking poles and other items along the journey. The ONLY extra expenses for guests is for personal items and gratuities for the guides. All costs to the Canadian MPN Research Foundation are provided and agreed to in advance. Beyond that, there are no hidden expenses. 

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Time Line


Hotel Reservations for all 2023 teams should be placed as soon as possible (next 30 days for Q3 adventures).

All guides reserved by 6/1/2023.

5-Week Campaign


30-Day Training - Jouney30

5-Night/6-Day Adventure - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park Trails - South Kaibab and Bright Angel.

Here are two current iConquer Adventure client adventures with similar goals and itineraries as the hikes we propose. Save One Life | Project Purple


We offer multiple choices for training. For Grand Canyon, we typically recommend a 4-10-week schedule. We can adjust as you require. 


We have added a new online feature for training that allows participants to select the one that best fits them and their lives. We believe that the best training program is the one you will actually do! Our new training site is a version of the Walking Connection's Journey 30 Program. Click here and register for Journey30 so you can get a full picture. The program we will do for CURE will contain more narrative. 

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Check out the 33-second video of the last MMRF Grand Canyon hike!

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Adventure Pricing

Prices can vary depending on options and additions.

Price can fluctuate until the hotels and transportation is reserved and booked. 

Teams of 7 or fewer per hiking guide.
Rooms are priced based on double occupancy. (Singles are available for an extra fee)
Price based upon a minimum of 6 guests, maximum of 12 guests + 1 MPN Staff.

Initial Price Estimates: $5000 Set up (Reduced by 50%) - $2500
Price Per Hiker - $2698
1 MPN Staff - No Charge w/12 Full-Paying Hikers

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