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Mt. Fields, Tarn Shelf Hike
    Come Bushwalk OZ with Us! 
Team Diabetes/iConquer Tasmania Adventure
Australia | November 9 - 15, 2019
November 2019
The Tarn Shelf - Big Sky Country In Tasmania, Australia


Tasmania Bushwalk With Team Diabetes!



Tasmania is one of the most beautiful, diverse and welcoming places on Earth. Well maybe not for the British prisoners who were banished here in years long past, but their story is one of many you'll hear about as you trek Tassie. Like many of those stories, our bushwalk is something you won't soon forget. The landscapes, remarkable! The people, welcoming and friendly. Your Teammates, fun, driven and like family. Come join us on a Tasmanian Adventure done in the style of Team Diabetes and iConquer that you have come to expect.



The Bushwalk!



Mt. Fields National Park - The sheer number of trails that criss-cross the region is astounding. The good news is that our lead guide, Graham has been walking them all for the last 30 years. Gene and Jo Ann Taylor, your planned hosts for the adventure has spent considerable time walking in SE Australia, Tasmania, and the surrounding islands.  Together we have planned for an excellent hike and bushwalk in world-famous Tasmania just for Team Diabetes. This adventure offers an incredible variety of trails, many of which go farther than we can do in a day, but several that are just right for our team.


17K Hike


Our distance hike is 17k plus with up to 700' of elevation change (gain and loss) on a very challenging trail. Boulders will be in our way, no worries. A small stream to ford, boots off, here we go. A steep hill to climb, that's what friends are for.


10K Hike


Are you interested in a bit less distance and hills, but are still up to challenge yourself? We'll offer a 10k option that still requires a strong sense of adventure and the ability to navigate uneven surfaces and terrain. Though the distance is shorter and the hills are less, the reward is equal to even the longest trails.  


In the words of a local: 


"The landscape is stunning and well worth it.  This is quite a serious bushwalk and that adequate supplies of food and water should be taken along with good protective clothing against the weather which can change very quickly. Once you're up on top it's very exposed and you don't want to be caught unprepared. is important, as it is a very draining walk if you're not physically prepared."


Like all iConquer Team Diabetes adventures, we have built this bushwalk/hike to accommodate hikers of all fitness levels, abilities, and interests. That doesn't mean that you don't have to train and prepare yourself to enjoy everything this adventure offers. We provide a comprehensive training program, ongoing support and most importantly, TEAMMATES!


There is much more to be learned about hiking with Team Diabetes and the best way to learn more is to complete the short form above. A member of Team Diabetes will reach out to get you the information you need join and how they can help you finish and Bushwalk Tasmania with us! Please click here.

This is the Tasmanian Outback

This Is What Friends Are For!

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