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Congratulations on choosing to iConquer - Honolulu Hiking Adventure. You have begun a journey that will be physically challenging, rewarding and FUN!


Welcome to this private website for iConquer hiking participants. Please complete the registration and self-evaluation form below. Please complete ALL fields. Once you click "submit," you will automatically be redirected to the online training guide. It provides general information about preparing you physically for any type of hike you may do. That includes your training hikes at home and the trail we will utilize in Hawaii. Page 15 is a print ready (pdf) training schedule you can follow that will prepare you for the rigors of hiking in Hawaii.



Please complete this form based on your self-evaluation of how you feel NOW, not where you plan to be in the future. There is a section near the bottom of the form for you to send us your questions and comments. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have successfully submitted your form and that we have received it. About half-way through your training, we will survey you again to measure your improvement and/or changes. Then, once more, just prior to your hike, we will survey you final time to make the final arrangements for your hike.


Please complete this form carefully so that we can coordinate with you, your organization's Staff and our trail assignment committee. We are working together to make sure you have a safe, fulfilling and fun adventure.



Registration and Self-Evaluation Form

One form must be completed and submitted by each hiker.
        Please complete all applicable fields of this form.

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