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iConquer Grand Canyon Training Check-Up!




This is your official mid-way Training Check-Up to see how you are doing. 


We want you to be physically ready to experience everything Grand Canyon offers. 

We want you to be fully informed about the trails and environment, so you'll hike safely.


Please take a few moments and answer just a few questions to update us on your training progress.


Please complete ALL fields. Once you click "submit," you will automatically be redirected to the online training schedule.




Please pay particular attention to the recommended elevation gains and losses indicated for your weekend hikes. Have you found suitable nearby trails that can replicate the down and then up hikes you will experience at Grand Canyon? If you don't have the option of hill training, make up for it with added endurance exercises, training walks, and hikes. 


Work on your breathing! The finish line for your hikes is also SUMMIT! Thankfully, you have one of the world's greatest experts on hiking to the "summit." He's accomplished that feat on every continent! The highest point of your entire hike is the South Rim - 7000 feet above sea level. The air is thin at that elevation. Practice deep breathing exercises.


The Grand Canyon below the rim is a desert that averages less than 16 inches of rain in a year! May is the second driest month and is also one of the windiest. By midday, the sun will be blazing down on the canyon, and the deeper you go into it, the hotter it gets! Grand Canyon has some of the freshest air in the United States, but the humidity can dip as low as 7%. Lastly, temperatures can swing 40+ degrees in a matter of hours. It should be in the mid-30s in the early morning but will warm quickly as you begin your descent. It can easily reach 100 degrees on the trail by mid-afternoon. The environment in Grand Canyon is one of the harshest on Earth! The best way to survive and thrive during your adventure is to mentally prepare and physically train.


Hydration and Food. You'll be well fed during your entire adventure with us. There will be ample food, and we'll check with you about any food restrictions and preferences just before your arrival. While on the trail, you must have food and enough fluid (water/electrolyte) to sustain you through the day. Water weighs 2.2 lbs. per liter x 3 liters = 6.6 lbs. When combined with food, your day pack can weigh 10 - 12 lbs. before adding in your personal items. Train with your anticipated day pack weight on every training hike from now until May 15! Finally, You'll need to build up your body's tolerance for processing up to 3 liters of water/electrolyte during your hike. That takes some getting used to, so build it into your training regimen


Your approved hiking boots, trail runners, or rugged walking shoes should be well-fitted to your feet and broken in by now. If your footwear is older, take a close look at them to ensure they are in good repair and will last through your training and Grand Canyon experience. If you have any questions about your boots or other training, text them to: 623.800.3649. 




Soon you will receive an email detailing the rooming list and our meal plan. There will be a short survey about food allergies and preferences, along with your choices for trail lunches. We will be providing light travel snacks and water during our journey to Grand Canyon. Trail Snacks are usually a personal preference. We STRONGLY recommend that you bring any specialized snacks, energy bars, and electrolyte solutions/powders/gels with you. You already know how your body reacts to them and the last thing you want to do in Grand Canyon is to try foods that are unfamiliar to you.


Pack Light! We have ample space for luggage but anticipate only small roller bags, preferably soft-sided duffels, and your daypack. Bring your hydration systems and refillable water bottles. The park has free water refill stations at the trailheads and in the village. We provided each team member with walking poles when you signed up. Bring them with you. We will NOT have extra poles available, and there is no place to rent or purchase new ones during our adventure.    


Approximately two weeks before your hike, we'll email the Know Before You Go. It will contain all of the travel information you will need during your entire adventure, including a packing list, weather outlook, updated trail, and travel information. 




Please complete this form based on your self-evaluation of how you feel NOW, not where you plan to be in the future. 



Training Check-up and Self-Evaluation Form

One form must be completed and submitted by each hiker.
        *Are required. Please complete all applicable fields of this form.

iConquer - Grand Canyon - Save One Life - 2022
Training Success and Adventure Update Form

Please complete each field as required. You will receive a confirming email that we have received your form.

Your information is confidential and will only be shared with the ground operations and guides that you'll be hiking with so that we can plan accordingly. 

Please Check ONLY Those That Apply To You.

Have you read the Online Training Guide?
Have you HIKED a training trail with more than a 1000' of elevation change?
Are You Using The Recommended Training Schedule
How Fit Are You TODAY?
Have Your Goals Changed Since You Began Training?

Thank you for completing your mid-training Survey. We expect changes and will update your information as you progress. 

Once again, welcome to Grand Canyon.

The Save One life and iConquer Teams

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